Astonish: Sense of Wonder

Astonish: Sense of Wonder







        Things we loved

        • Flowed well
        • Good audience interaction

        Things we'd change

        • Needs to extend himself with some more difficult work

        Robbie Kay put together a slick performance.

        Tied in a dream and some family history; he weaves an enthralling story including the audience.

        Starting with a trick using a mobile phone from an audience member, to show how you can do tricks with modern technology.

        Then he and his capable assistant Lauren performed some nice box work, Lauren appearing out of a box and Robbie disappearing into another one.

        For the squeamish there was some needlework which is always entertaining for watching the audience writhe.

        Following with a touch of mind reading and a card trick Robbie was pretty slick at pulling off the magic.

        Finishing with another clever mind reading trick the audience were enthralled and really liked the show.

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