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210 – Understanding risk in a scary world

We hear about danger in news bulletins every day so this week we have set the goal of understanding risk in a scary world with Chris Ruff from Insight Global Risk. This week, the SA Drink Of The Week is 2015 Rockford Black Shiraz. Nigel will try to stump us in IS IT...

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209 – The Adelaide Show At The Royal Adelaide Show

It's showtime again so The Adelaide Show Podcast went to spend time with The Royal Adelaide Show team to dig into more stories of the past and get insights into what's new this year. We do this with Michelle Hocking, general manager of the Royal Adelaide Show, and CEO...

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208 – Understanding food waste

We round off our food trilogy this week by understanding food waste. Is such waste inevitable in our foodie culture, or are other forces at play? Hayley Everuss, state manager of Oz Harvest, joins us to discuss this topic. This week, the SA Drinks Of The Week are from...

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207 – Understanding meat

Spend an evening with Sophie from Wakefield Grange Butchery and Grocer in Yankalilla to start understanding meat, especially the cheaper cuts! This week, the SA Drink Of The Week is from Forktree Brewing. Nigel will try to stump us in IS IT NEWS on the topic of cows...

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206 – Understanding almonds

They are loved by naturopaths and vegans, sought after by confectioners and chocolatiers, and now cognitive scientists might be hot on their trail - welcome to our episode for understanding almonds. Our guests this week are Associate Professor Alison Coates, lecturer...

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205 – Ghosts Amongst Us

Are there ghosts amongst us. Alison Oborn from Adelaide Haunted Horizons would argue yes. Or, at least, she would argue there are many occurrences that require further explanation because they are just too weird or creepy to fit our normal range of explanations. This...

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204 – Dinosaurs Amongst Us

We roam where there are and were dinosaurs amongst us. From prehistoric kangaroos, emus, and koalas, we now must make do with the birds. There is so much richness to ponder when thinking about the dinosaur age and Professor Flint is a superb guide to point out the...

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203 – Animals Amongst Us

While most of us spend life bustling about in the city and suburbs, there are animals amongst us that we rarely see. Tonight, Adrian from Animals Anonymous will shed some light on the South Australian animals that fly, slither, dash, and swim about in the pockets of...

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202 – Rostrevor Pizza Podcast With The Lot

For 30 years, Gaetano Lepore has been standing behind his bench at Rostrevor Pizza Bar, serving up great pizzas while the industry went thick and thin around him. Tonight, we get his story; pizza, community, business, the lot! That's Gaetano and Josie in the photo...

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201 – Post Apocalyptic South Australia

Woman still don't get great roles in film, especially in the post apocalyptic genre. But Adelaide-based company, Middle Ground Productions, is about to change that, with its new web series, Dust, launching this Saturday, July 1, 2017. Tonight we discuss a raft of film...

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200 – Making Salami At Home

Don Violi has appeared on The Adelaide Show twice before, once covering history and trivia of South Australia and then giving us an insight into the world of hairdressing. Tonight, on our 200th episode, he takes us into his home to teach us the art of making salami....

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199 – Life In Your Backyard

Mark Thomson is one of those important human beings who devotes time to making sure we don't forget our pasts or the skills that got us here. As research director of the Institute Of Backyard Studies, Mark has compiled an exhibition at the West Gallery in Thebarton...

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